Ban live export and why!

Sheeps on a Boat for Ban Livestock Transportation illustration

New Zealand is setting an example by banning live export by 2023, positioning itself as the world leader in high-quality, ethical agricultural products. Let’s hope more countries follow their lead.

More than 20 ships transporting livestock stuck in the Suez Canal

I was shocked to hear last March that more than 20 ships transporting livestock were stuck waiting for the Suez Canal to resume operation after Ever Green ship blocked circulation for 6 days. Certainly causing animals to suffer and put their lives are at risk. 

“Getting stuck on board means there is a risk for the animals of starvation, dehydration, injuries, waste buildup so they can’t lie down, and nor can the crew get rid of dead animal bodies in the Suez canal. It’s basically a ticking biohazard timebomb for animals and the crew and any person involved,” Gerit Weiddinger for Animals International

Livestock export living conditions

Millions of animals, sheep, calves, cattle, pigs, goats, and horses are transported long-distance live around the world every year. At arrival, they are mostly slaughtered or fattened in often dreadful conditions. 

Regularly, they endure suffering, forcibly loaded on cramped ships filled with disease and filth. They might also suffer from dehydration because of high temperatures, lack of food and water.

Livestock export ships not up to norms

Furthermore, often ships are old “recycled” carrier ships transformed to transport livestock, putting animals even more at risk since they are not built to meet basic welfare standards. 

In short, it’s simply inhuman, and it has to stop!

 “The only way to prevent suffering of animals in live shipments is to STOP them! The cruel live shipments are not a necessity of reality but a decision of Policy. “ A group 245 layers in Israel wrote in a petition calling for an end to the import of animals in live shipments.

Take action:

  • Join local Ban livestock export organization. (Enclosed a few of them)


Ban live exports 


  • Learn more about live export
  • Share news and events on the subject to increase awareness
  • Address your local elected representatives to address the matter and pressure in changing laws.


I use the expressive ability of posters to tell the story of the year 2021 events that profoundly impact our society and our world. Its small selection of subjects that come to my attention and that I choose to share to increase our awareness and take action to create a better world. Together.


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