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Sa-cha Case Study

Sa-cha is a French company creating interior landscapes to help you evolve in a slow lifestyle. A very new concept that is so relevant nowadays. I loved it!
Sabine Harel came to me to visually define her brand, her design, and also to build her website. 

Sabine Harel had trust issues, having been disappointed with the service she received from previous collaborations with brand designers and strategists. I took great care listening to her needs, understanding the deep essence of her new business until came a moment of clarity and alignment to her true personality.

The most important attribute for Sabine was that her brand and website reflect her inherent generous personality with integrity. She strongly believed from personal experience that one’s life can be changed through plant care and creating an esthetic plant cocoon at home. The concept of time management through plant caring is new and innovative. The challenge was translating this new concept into a creative, genuine, and clear visual identity. 

The Branding

Branding Moodbaord Sa-cha

Defining the brand identity took time, it was a slow process of maturation. It was a deep and fulfilling journey. I really enjoyed working with Sabine – she let go of her doubts and fully abandoned herself to the process, sharing her valuable input. 

The turning point was when Sabine understood that the time management aspect of her business was at the forefront of the business proposition. This is what she truly wanted to teach and share. Taking the step of standing behind her beliefs and sharing them out loud felt like being exposed at first,  but this is what allowed the whole design process to come to fruition with confidence. 


Symbol logo sa-cha

Symbol logo

Vertical logo



Color Chart

We defined Sa-cha’s brand as strong and confident, with a genuine personality as well as soothing and calming to enable her client to feel the slowing of time. 
While defining Sa-cha’s visual we went through a few turning points. 

The mood board design unveiled aspects of Sa-cha’s aesthetic offering that Sabine wasn’t aware of. The creative horizon opened up in new directions, awakening Sabine’s curiosity and satisfaction.

Finding solutions to apply Sa-cha’s photographic identity had its challenges. Sabine had no prior photography experience and she wanted to develop her skills as a plant photographer. Therefore to help her understand what to look for as a photographer, we defined some guidelines to enhance visual sensations by focusing on texture, shapes, close-ups, and ambiance. We also initiated a meeting with Clementine, a talented French photographer we were following on Instagram, to enrich Sabine’s photographic experience. 

Photography guidelines

Plant photography

plant photography guideline

interior decor photography

Plant interior design photography guidelines

The Webdesign

The branding and website journey is so much more than just building a website, it’s deeply researching the real essence of our client’s business. With Sa-cha and Sabine, the adventure was warm, full of curiosity and possibilities with a special creative twist. 

The result is elegant, confident, and generous and most of all very inviting. 

Instagram guidelines

instagram photographic guidelines

Working with Stephanie has been a blessing and a relief. I just had to let myself be guided from A to Z and see the desired result emerge. The secret lies in this element: let go, trust the process, and let yourself be carried away by Stephanie's gaze. This is the choice I made and it has helped me discover a version of branding that deeply reflects who I am.

Sabine Harel

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