How to design a highly effective Homepage

How to design a highly effective homepage

Within a split second, your customer will either stay on your homepage or just close the tab! You want your customers to come back again and again and again, and navigate with curiosity and excitement through all your propositions.
I will guide you in designing a beautiful and persuasive homepage your customer WILL LOVE!  

The 3 goals of your Homepage

1. Help your customers understand, "Who you are," "What you do," and "How do you provide a solution to their problems."

When doing so, find the tone and language that best reflects your business values and purpose. Shine in your uniqueness. You are welcoming your customer into your home. How do you want to address them and connect?
Don’t be boring and don’t overdo it. Be sincere.
To dig deeper, check our guide: “How to build a meaningful and unique brand identity?”

2. Help your customer have a smooth user experience.

Your customer has a goal when visiting your website. You want to take them by the hand and show them what they are looking for. You are directing them on a path with valuable actions step after step. The stronger their first impression of visiting your homepage, the longer they will remember you and come back.

3. Help him take action.

You want to give your ideal customer a clear opportunity to act on what brings them value. For instance, they want to know how to take care of their plants every day. Show them where to subscribe and receive your free plant care guide. By giving them value, you boost your mailing list. It allows you to stay in contact and share your expertise with them. It’s a win-win situation!

How to organize your home page?

When your customer visits your homepage, you want to grab their attention and walk them down a path to stay longer on your Website. It’s your main goal. 

This first screen, the above fold, is the most important. Your customer might never scroll beyond the fold. The content you place in the above fold is the most relevant content you want your customer to see. It must be clear, concise, and have a call to action (CTA).

Above the fold content

Step 1: Write a strong and clear headline.

With this one sentence headline, you answer that question, “What does your company do?” Use powerful words that evoke an emotion or connect with them. Put yourself in their shoes. What message are you conveying that will want them to go further?

Step 2: Sub-Headline

Write a short sentence to define your service or product in more detail and answer the question “What problems do you solve?”

Step 3: Add a clear CTA button (call to action)

Your first call to action is your most important one. What is the first step you want your customer to take?
Remember, the goal of the homepage is to convince your customer to explore your website further. 
CTA’s tell them what to do next, so they don’t get overwhelmed or lost.
Be creative and unique with the text you write in your CTA button. “Subscribe now” is not very exciting. “Subscribe now to get my free guide” – invoke a reaction like “Oh Yes I want this free guide!”

Step 4: Design contrasting and pleasant button colors for your CTA

You want your CTA button to stand out but not shouting too violently. You want it to be in color harmony with the rest of your Website’s design. I also advise you to use the same color consistently for all your CTA’s buttons to increase your customer’s awareness of action.

Step 5: Choose images or a video that tells a story.

Beautiful visuals attract and create an emotional environment. Use a high-quality picture, bright, sharp, attractive that translates your message.
Create consistency of feel and tone with your images. Your images tell a story just as much as your text does. You want them to create a visual harmony between all of them.

Step 6: Insert your Logo

Your logo should be memorable and simple. It’s a recognizable identification that conveys one idea/ message. On your Website, it should be small, so make sure your logo can be a small size!

Step 7: Navigation Bar

Keep your navigation bar concise and straightforward, including only the essential sections of your business. The least amount of steps it takes your customer to get what they are looking for, the better!

Below the fold content

When your customer is scrolling to discover what’s next, you have done a great job convincing them! You want to reveal what benefits they will gain by using your product or services. 

Step 8: Share your Benefit list

When sharing your products’ benefits, you explain to your customer how this offer will change your customer’s life. We are not sharing a long list of features, but how your product will improve their day to day life on an emotional level. 

Plant business Features Plant Business Benefits
Plant Cutting When you start growing a plant from the Plant Cutting, you enjoy watching your plant grow day by day
Interior plant vision board A vision board will help you create a new reality in your home: increasing calm, slow living, care, and harmony.
Creative Plant guide You are so bored with buying the same plants as everyone else. Our guide lets you discover what other plants are out there and how you can get a hold of them.

Step 9: Build Trust

Through Testimonials of customers sharing their success stories, or how your service helped improve performance, you build trust between you and the customer. It’s an essential step that brings them one step closer to buying your services.

Step 10: Share additional content

If you have additional quality content such as blog posts, event schedules, location maps for physical businesses, add it now. It increases the overall understanding of what your business is about. But don’t overload because you want your customer to stay focused and not get overwhelmed.

Step 11: Final Call to action

Remind your customer to take action if they haven’t done it yet.

For your inspiration

Futur Souhaitable Home page Design
Mailchimp Homepage design

Now it’s time to take action.  Share the three insights you are choosing from this post to implement on your home page in the comments.


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