Taking action to fight the she-cession

Women tightrope walking illustating she-cession

Women have been the most hardly impacted by Covid-19. We are in a she-cession.

How has covid 19 impacted women:

  • Women make to the majority of job losses with minorities on the frontline. 
  • And when working remotely, they are simultaneously taking care of their children at home because of closed schools. House care has become more intense with the family home, meals to cook, laundry, and general house management with everyone confined at home. Challenging!!!
  • Working hours have been reduced, impacting monthly income and increasing precarity. 

This year has also seen a sharp increase in domestic violence due to confinement, where women get stuck with abusive husbands. 

We have regressed in gender equality, and the current situation invites us to think of new ways to overcome this she-cession. I have assembled a few directions that caught my attention while researching the subject. 

This past year has pushed us to think out of the box and let go of norms, teaching us to step out of our comfort zone and discover that good things can come out of this.

So looking forward to women's work environment, Leaders have the opportunity to build a new reality.

  • Flexible hours as the norm. 
  • 9-5 hours are an archaic norm that can be replaced by flexible hours, enabling a better synchronization between work and personal life. 
  • Build policies that help women’s reintegration into the workforce with training programs, financial help for child care, tutors, cleaning help… 
  • Support survivors of domestic violence with assistance and accompaniment. 
  • Encourage and provide entrepreneurship training. Now is the time to fulfill our dreams and inject positive thinking into today’s reality. 

By creating an environment of awareness and support, we can contribute to reversing the she-cession curve. Focusing on building a fairer and more inclusive society facilitates women’s empowerment and fruitful contribution in tomorrow’s workforce.


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