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Blue Leaves Homepage Design

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Blue Leaves Case Study

Blue leaves is a tableware company serving high-end design stores and starred Restaurants in France and worldwide. They came to us to modernize their brand and launch a BtoC store. In addition, they wanted to engage their customers personally and authentic, creating a total dining experience through the website navigation. 

We had two challenges. 

The first challenge was renewing the brand identity in a more modern feel while keeping the classic collections and harmoniously interlacing them.

The second challenge was finding a creative solution to translate the dining experience with a no food and table decor photography budget!

The Branding

The first step was defining the visual environment and customer for the new Blue Leaves Brand.

Modern, Elegant, Subtle yet distinctive. We were inspired by the Bauhaus design,  “bringing together arts, crafts and industry into a total work of art.”

We worked simultaneously on the visual identity of the brand and the photographic challenge for the website. We were looking for a visual solution to tell the Blue Leaves creative entertaining story.




Blue leaves horizontal logo



Color Chart

The turning point came upon the Diptych photography concept inspired by French Food Photographe Valerie lhomme.

 (Diptych = A diptych is any object in art with two flat plates which form a pair, often attached by a hinge.)

We created a series of photo diptychs for every collection. One picture tells the experience story, the second picture suggests the product associated with the experience. In addition, we added a modern touch, the + sign between the images linking them. The Diptych was a real visual breakthrough that gave the tone to the website design. And above all, It was an incredible creative adventure to design these diptychs. 

We used pictures primarily from free photos from Unsplash.com. A huge thanks to the talented photographers that share their beautiful photography.

From this point on, the visual identity fell into place. 

Photography Direction : Diptych

Coffee Diptych
Dessert Photography diptych
Petal Collection Photography Diptych

Stephanie solved a great challenge for us regarding product styling and photography. She proposed and implemented an ingenious set-up that allows us to convey what we are after. This was game-changing for a business such as ours with limited resources and the need to address our customers with high-end visuals our customers expect.

I highly recommend Stéphanie. She is a very talented graphic designer that designs a unique proposal that truly reflects the essence of a brand. Stephanie is very responsive and put significant effort and time into accompanying us throughout the brand renewal process. Her comments and point of view are very relevant. No problem is left unsolved.”

The Webdesign

Blue Leaves Homepage Design

home page design

About Us page design

Blue Leaves tea collection Mockup page

Tea Collection page design

Coffee Collection Page Design

Coffee Collection page design

Olivier Collection Page Design

Tea Collection page design

Stone Collection Page Desing

Coffee Collection page design

Poppy Collection page design

Tea Collection page design

Chef's Page Design

Coffee Collection page design


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