Why second-hand clothing matter?

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The good news is that the Second-Hand Fashion industry is a new booming industry.

According to Fast Company, the resale sector is growing 25 times faster than the overall retail market. This is a great opportunity for new business ideas that contribute to creating a better world.

Let’s remind ourselves of the harm the fashion industry is causing to our planet.

  • The fashion industry is responsible for 10 % of annual global carbon emissions
  • Around 20 % of wastewater worldwide comes from fabric dyeing and treatment
  • 84% of clothing end up incinerated or in landfills.
  • Plastic microfibers issued from machine-washing polyester clothes are dumped in the oceans. Half a million tons of plastic microfibers per year = 50 billion plastic bottles.

Several factors have contributed to the explosive growth of the second-hand market.

First, consumers are more and more comfortable buying second-hand clothes. And there is an increasing consciousness of the fashion clothing impact on the environment favoring purpose-driven brands. 

Then, The Covid 19 pandemic has profoundly changed consumers habits. Retail stores being closed, consumers have shopped less, exchanged more, and moved to online to e-commerce. The economic strain leads to spending cuts and price awareness.  

I find it very exciting to discover these business opportunities that contribute to making a sustainable change in our environment!

These social changes are an opportunity for new business initiatives in the second-hand online and offline market.

For example:

And what actions can we take, as individuals, to participate in sustainable fashion change?

  • Buy only what you need.
  • Consider quality over quantity. Quality increases the life span of clothes
  • Choose manufacturers that invest in sustainable clothing (clothing made from natural or recycled materials, aiming to reduce harm either through the production process, fiber properties, or overall environmental impact.)
  • Buy second-hand clothing
  • Repair clothing
  • Donate and exchange clothing


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